Pedro Farias-Nardi 

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Pedro Farias Nardi is a photojournalist focused on the lives of people that are socially and economically alienated. He covers an array of topics that vary from the response of these groups to the policies of modern capitalism and its impact on demoted sectors of society. In addition, he documents the cultural dynamics that are in flux both in his native country (Dominican Republic) and Latin America. 

A graduate student of Social Anthropology, Pedro uses photography and film to depict his stories. Examples of his projects document the lives of cotton farmers in India, the miners in the Bolivian Altiplano, the human situation after the Chernobyl disaster, Ukraine and Bateyes in the Northwest Line in the Dominican Republic, among others.  His approach aims to question the human condition in different environments and social enclaves as well as present conceptual images of the places he visits during his journeys. 

Pedro lives in the Dominican Republic and is available for assignments. 

Exhibitions, Awards


Solo Exhibition at Casa de Teatro La Habana, Compases de Vida. PhotoImagen 2014 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.


Dual Exhibition (with Vivian Maier) with the series El Otro (The Other) and Fe Glas (Cold Trade) in Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA.

Exhibition of Fe Glas (Cold Trade)  at Instituto de Historia de Cuba (Cuban History Institute), La Habana, Cuba.


Dominican Photographer Scholarship to FotoFest 2012, Houston, Texas, USA.

Fe Glas (Cold Trade) exhibit at Taller Silvano Lora.  PhotoImagen 2012 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Dominican portfolio (El Otro, Cold Trade, and Equivalence) is acquired by Lehigh Art Museum


Participant in 11ª Muestra de Documentales de América Latina, Spain.

Chernobyl The Nuclear Inheritance, solo exhibit at Centro de la Imagen, Sto. Dgo.

Geography of Indifference: Solo exhibit at Manuel Rueda Gallery, Ministry of Culture Santo Domingo.


 2nd place in Portraits Fine arts in IPA with series El Otro.

  Individual Exhibit at PhotoImagen 2010, Dominican Republic with series El Otro.


 Portfolio of Haiti is acquired by the Schomburg Center For Research In Black Culture, NYC.



Participant in Ricardo Viera’s workshop editing for books, Centro de la Imagen, Santo Domingo.


Participant in workshop with Larry Fink at Aperture NY, USA.


Participant in Ricardo Viera’s workshop in portfolios, Centro de la Imagen, Santo Domingo.


Masterclass Participant Echoes of the Chernobyl Tragedy, II. Chernobyl, Ukraine with Antonin Kratochvil.

Participant in Cultural Management Courses and Development in the CCESD (Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo) Santo Domingo.


Masterclass Participant Echoes of the Chernobyl Tragedy, Chernobyl, Ukraine, with  Antonin Kratochvil


Participating in Portraits Beneath the Surface with Antonin Kratochvil, Santa Fe, USA.

Participant in Workshop with David Alan Harvey, at LOOK 3, Virginia, USA.

Photo documentary in CCESD, Santo Domingo.

 Workshop on Dominican folklore at CCESD, Santo Domingo.



MA Social Anthropology at UF, Gainesville.

Fellowship at the Smithsonian Institute.

Latin American Scholarship Foundation.

Smithsonian Institute schorlaship

  • PhD exams in University of Florida, Gainesville.


 Student at the International Center of Photography, photography, New York City.

Student at the New School for Social Research, photography, New York City.

BA Social Anthropology at CUNY.  Summa Cum Laude, Phi Betta Kappa

Visual Anthropology courses at University of Southern California with Timothy Asch.

Work Experience

2011 to Present

Teacher of Photography at Pontificia Universidad Madre y Maestra, and Centro de la Imagen. Sto. Dgo. 

Lectures of Photography at Instituto de Historia de Cuba Cuba (Cuban History Institute), La Habana, Cuba.


Producer of documentary Viaje en Yola (Travel by Yawl) for NGO, TU, MUJER,   Dominican Republic.

Coordinator and assistant for Antonin Kratochvil Masterclass in La Habana, Cuba.

Producer of the documentary Viaje a España (Trip to Spain) for NGO, TU, MUJER; Dominican Republic.

Photo documentation for FAO's Small Grants Program of the United Nations, Dominican Republic.

Manager of Research and Audio-Visual of TU, MUJER, Dominican Republic.

Documentation of rural life and training of rural electrification programs of the Small Grants Program of United Nations Development Projects; Dominican Republic.

Documentation of living conditions of Haitian migrant workers in the Northwest of Dominican Republic.

Author of Descubrir (Discovering) travel section of Ritmo Social, Listin Diario, Dominican Republic.


Fieldwork in the Bolivian Altiplano with miners in the community of Itos.

Fieldwork in Vidarbha, India with cotton producers; India.


Contributor travel articles in Listin Diario, Dominican Republic.

Pedro Farias-Nardi

Pedro Farias Nardi is a photojournalist based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
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